Stearns Business Machines, 507 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA.

Stearns Business Machines has been servicing and repairing ink jet and laser printers for many years. We have an extensive knowledge base and over twenty years of experience which helps us identify many hardware and print quality problems fast and efficiently.

Black & White and Color Laser printers come in many shapes and sizes, although the basic operation is the same. We have worked on all major brands.

Ink jet printers are equally annoying when they do not work for you. Many have paper pickup problems, print quality problems and make funny noises as customers kindly explain to us.

If you have a Laser printer or an Ink jet which does not work, do not just throw it away, bring it into our workshop for a free evaluation as it may just be worth repairing. Most problems can be solved the same day, but if we require parts for your particular model, we will give you a quotation first and then if you are happy, proceed to order the part and fix your printer.

Stearns Business Machines offers On-Site laser printer service in the San Diego metro area. We are Brother Service Authorized and therefore are authorized to perform warranty service on select Brother models. We repair Laser Printers, Inkjets, Faxes, Desktop Copiers and even some dot matrix printers. Give us a call and we will gladly meet all of your printer repair needs.

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